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Cat Call Tackle

Cat Call Knockers

Cat Call Knockers

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Looking for fishing knockers that will catch the attention of any fish? Look no further than Cat Call Knockers! These top-of-the-line knockers are available in two different sizes - the 4” size D and the 4.75” Double D - to suit your fishing needs.

Cat Call Knockers come in a variety of popular colors, including orange, fire tiger, and Tn. Shad, as well as limited supplies of other colors. But what sets these knockers apart from others on the market is their exceptional quality.

Crafted from high-quality plastics and finished with vibrant paint colors that simply pop out in any water environment, these Cat Call Knockers are sure to catch your target fish's attention. Plus with their built-in rattles you can easily attract even more fish towards your bait!

Take your fishing game to new heights with Cat Call Knockers! Ideal for use while making fishing rigs or simply casting a line out into open waters - you won't be disappointed by adding these fantastic knockers into you tackle box today!

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