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Firefly Peg Floats 2.5”

Firefly Peg Floats 2.5”

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2.5” (5pack)

If you're looking for an innovative way to attract fish and improve your fishing experience, then you'll love the FIREFLY peg floats! These floats go above and beyond traditional peg floats by featuring U.V. reactive glow technology that lures small baitfish and fry, which then attracts larger predators. By simply charging the U.V. reactive material in the float with a U.V. light for 30 seconds to a minute, you can enjoy up to 45 minutes or an hour of fish-attracting green glow.

But that's not all! Unlike regular peg floats that tend to split or crack after being pushed in just a few times, FIREFLY peg floats are reinforced and designed to last three to four times longer than traditional ones.

So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Get your hands on FIREFLY peg floats today - your next fishing trip might just be your best one yet!

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