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Rattlesnake Floats

Rattlesnake Floats

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The Rattlesnake float is the the ultimate in suspended bait presentation. This one float doesn’t just do everything a peg or spook style float does it does it better and it does more!

1.Eliminates the need for carrying multiple sizes of peg floats or spook style floats. The modular design allows you to increase or decrease the amount of floatation by adding or removing segments.

2.Each individual segment is a rattle chamber specifically designed to emitt proven fish attracting sound with just the slightest movement.

3.Line through design eliminates the need for knots or lacing your leader through eyelets both of which create weak spots in your leader.

4.color combinations with FIREFLY glow can be charged for 30 seconds with a U.V light and will emitt a green glow for up to 1 hour which will draw small baitfish to your rig  and in turn attract larger predators.

5. 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A


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